Evil Apples: Dirty as ____. Відгуки

Fun but hard to organize game w friends

Unless I’m an idiot, I think you have to have a minimum of three people start a game. I wish there was a way to start the game with only two people, And then be matched up with other random people so you can still play together. Or maybe I should get more friends


Great game.

Good game. Bad layout

It’s a good game but after the recent update I can’t play in landscape mode on my iPad. It was more fun for me that way because I could chat easily with all my friends playing. Hate the new layout. The layout has changed but I still am not thrilled because before the change if you had your iPad in landscape mode you could have chat open while the game was going. Now, even though there is landscape mode, you still can’t watch chat while you play.

Update is very flawed

The core game is very fun, but the recent (largely aesthetic) update has a lot of issues and removed some great features. Evil Apples has looked more or less the same for about five years; not too attractive, but functional and user friendly. The new look, while very appealing, is less easy to navigate and problematic. A simple action such as opening the chat window is sometimes enough to snooze you from the lag. I suffer from migraines that are triggered and exacerbated by bright light, so I paid for the feature "ninja mode" before the update, which turned the backgrounds and other parts of the ui black and used it at all times. The update rendered this feature inaccessible. I would like to see this feature returned, or at the very least, I'd like my money back.


I enjoy the hell out of this game 🖤 I almost peed cuz of one of my cards

Almost Perfect

I love this game! Only problem is it lags a good bit. It Will list the winner in the chat box and on the card screen it won’t have a winner yet. Also my page will stay frozen on the previous question or statement and about 30 seconds will go by leaving me about 30 seconds to choose the next one. Fix and will change to five star rating

Fun and addictive

This game would get old quick if it was just about unlocking new decks but the wildcard feature gives anyone a chance and makes it interesting.

This app is my absolute favorite like deadass

If you like raunchy,nasty,and Hilarious comedy. Get this app!!!


Awesome game. Causes problems with Internet on my phone


I have to restart this game probably 50 times a day because it freezes so much!!!!! Or when I try and chat with friends, it freezes. Or when I join a game. BOOM! FREEZE. And then crash. Please fix this :(

CAH on the road

If you like Cards Against Humanity, you will LOVE this dirty version of Apples to Apples! Can play against friends (difficult to arrange, just like in real life) or against strangers who become friends. Great way to get your brain’s smutty energy out 😈

Sweet game!

Nice work fellas, love playing this game, it’s a blast


with the exception of people who go on an adult content game and then act surprised 😂🤬👌🏽


This app is just like the digital version of cards against humanity!!! It is so fun me and all my friends play it in class it makes school not boring lol!

Please allow us to block players


It is great!

This game let me and my friends have fun, laugh, and have a great time! With the in game currencies bending able to buy packs, you can have so much fun!


App will not let me even play the game

Penis jokes


Fun game

Great to play with friends when no one brought cards against humanity

Great job

Really funny


It’s dope.

Please Looooook!!

I love this game, I even bought unlimited gameplay, but you know what would make me love this game even more. If you guys were able to make this iMessage compatible 😍 so I could easily start up a match with a text group chat, with friends. If it’s even possible, make it happen!!!!



Pretty Good

Definitely hilarious and time consuming. The only thing I don’t like is there isn’t a chat option in game. It would be nice to talk to the other players.

Great Alternative to CAH

Best card game out there compared to CAH. Full support and too much fun. 4 stars for not being able to play with only two players. Five stars if that ever gets changed.

Evil Apples😈

I love this game, it is hilarious and fun to play with my friends!! Good job guys and good luck in life 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Love it!

I love this game! Only problem I find is that It will get slow and lag, to the point that it doesn’t give you much time to choose a card or be the judge and you get snoozed or have a few seconds to make a quick pick! So other than that glitch this game is fun! And saving up your cakes to buy more cards is perfect so you don’t have to spend real money for new cards!

Love it

Been playing this for a few years now. One of my favorite games to play!!


I love this game!!



Crazy Fun!

Dirty...yes Fun...yes! If you like Cards Against Humanity you will love this!!

Very Fun

This game is hilarious and fun to play in your free time.

Such a Blast!

This game is such a blast and the perfect way to pass time. I enjoy the variety of decks - it’s seemingly endless.



Surprisingly good

I know it’s a cards against humanity rip but it’s still funny. Especially where you can play with friends or strangers


...And steamy.


Love playing this! Lots of laughs!!

Not Working for me?

It’s a great game, played it before. I wanted to download it again but any way I try to sign in or make a new account it keeps saying “Spacerats!...” so it’d be still fun now if I could actually play it.

Super fun

A good thing to do with friends if you’re socially inept. You get better at the game so I guess I kind of improves your sense of humor? Either way, it’s fun and a good way to pass time if you need. Only one little problem I noticed was that it kinda messes up when you change internet connections in the middle of a game so be careful with that.

Good times

Good times

Great game

Just like cards against humanity.

Evil Apples - Just How Evil Are You?

Find out just how dirty your mind is... and along the way find out just how f**ked up your friends’ minds are too. It’s good ole fashioned, wholesome, disgusting fun. Like playing with poop. Or peeping on your hot neighbor getting dressed. Or taking a piss off of the Empire State Building and seeing just how much chaos you can cause down on 5th Avenue. Or even perhaps like tying a bunch of aluminum cans to a cat’s tail while it’s asleep, and then waking them up so they can go insane. Just remember to film these events. Vids or it didn’t happen...

Love it!

So happy to have found this game!

Best thing I've played

Love this game!!! Seriously like it’s so fun

Nothing Better!

Want it on your phone? Well here ya go. I’ve almost got all the decks and haven’t spent a dime. And it’s exactly like the physical game!

Totally fun!

Love that this concept is now online. Game is super fun...The new update of timed allotment of cake makes the game way more fun!

Fix this

It won’t let me delete older games that have been played


I love playing this game with my friends

Nice game


Lots of fun!

The adds a a bit tiresome. But the game itself is amazing! Every bit as good as the original cards against humanity. I've been playing this one with some coworkers and family. It's definitely worth the download despite the advertising.

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