Evil Apples: Dirty as ____. Відгуки

Tooo Funnny

I died laughing a few times. I might not be able to play this at work and keep from laughing so hard.


Evil apples is great way to get together with friends and laugh! A joke or two never hurts either. I find myself playing everyday and making new friends to laugh with. The funniest Adult game out there!


So much fun

Fun but needs a push button

Please allow players to send push notifications to alert a player we are waiting on them besides just having the snooze button!


This game is so much fun!!! Can’t stop playing and the cards are great!!!


Froze on me, had to delete and reinstall. Now it will not send verification code to my phone. Loved it up to this point

This game taught me to read.

I grew up alone in a cave. I was abandoned there after one to many margaritas at a Jimmy Buffet contest left my parents in such a mood that they hurled their infant son into a cave. With no other humans present, I never learned social skills, any language other than one I created, and definitely not being able to read. One day, after murdering a group of campers so that I could feast upon them, I found an unlocked smartphone with this game installed. The second it started it, I was filled with the unbridled knowledge of the cosmos. It also cured the cancer I did mention having. With these new skills I went out and made something as myself. You might know me better as Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Hilarious and highly inappropriate group game

Me and my twisted friends have been looking for a game we can all play together since I moved halfway across the country. We finally found it! This game is highly inappropriate, twisted, vulgar, dirty, and all of the right kinds of funny. If that sounds like your sense of humor then I highly recommend it. Need a minimum of 3 players to play locally, but you can also play strangers online without having to rely on having two other people.

Adult Fun

Love this game, it’s so wrong but so much fun lol. Large games get pretty laggy though especially if there is a ton of chatting going on. Just a few suggestions for future updates, it would be great if you could make it in friend games where the game creator can set the rules. Like, wildcards only, only the judge can snooze or set an auto snooze timer after 24 hours or something on the game. It would also be great if you could turn chat notifications on per game. Some games I’d like to be notified on if someone chats, others people constantly talk so my phone would blow up nonstop if I left the notifications on haha. All in all, this game is good, evil fun though. ❤️


Quick and great to play on the go!

Great app to waste time laughing.

Works great, the games are fun, there are different modes that take more or less time so you can choose how you want to procrastinate.

Raunchy humor and wit - the best!

Easy to play and the cards are a riot! I love getting paired with witty opponents! Great job!!!!

Good but slow

The game was very fun, but it was often challenging to save up to buy good card decks, and often in matches people will stop playing so some rounds you have to wait out the timer. No other complaints though. Very good CAH alternative.



Hilarious and free!

It’s just like cards against humanity but it’s on the go! Love it

Great and amusing game

This game is great very funny and well thought out 10/10

Happy days

Love playing this game during the workday with friends. Definitely helps me keep some sanity.


I enjoy playing with family and friends, it shows what really on there mind


Great fun group game!!

Best game I’ve played in SO long!!

I can’t stop playing it! You can play for free or you can buy the expansion decks (which I recommend) because they are really cheap and SOO worth it!! The game is also so convenient because you don’t have to get a big group of people to sit down at a table to play the game, you can play with your friends or you can play with random people through the app! Perfect app. 100% recommend!!

Amazingly similar to CAH

Great game!

Super fun

Just like cards against humanity

Best card game




good but buggy

i like it, it’s fun, but i get stuck sometimes where i can’t pick or turn any cards and i have to quit and it’s extremely annoying :// i almost win and then i cant even pick a card

Better than cards against humanity

Me and my friends plan all the time. Best game ever!

Awesome game.

Passive multiplayer C.A.H. What more do you really need in life? 😜


So last night I was watching a bunch of people play cards against humanity on YouTube and then asked myself, can I play this on my iPad? So I searched it up and found this amazing game. This game is fun offensive and straight up halarious which makes it EXACTLY like cards against humanity.


This app is a great time killer for friends, coworkers, family, or whoever… the reason why it doesn’t have five stars from me is because I wish some of the decks didn’t cost so many cakes.


Awesome fun

Game and devs are terrible

So I’ve played this game a number of years ago and bought the premium pack that was suppose to give you all the decks whenever they came out with new ones, and if I remember correctly it was for life. Got the game again and now it won’t give me anything. Messages the dev team and they pretty much said “oh well, looks like you’ll have to buy them all over again”


So much fun!!!

Funny game

Enjoy this as much as cards against humanity. Well done!

Fun with ahole friends

My wife and I love playing cards against humanity so this was a great idea. So far I love everything about it except the hole Advertisement thing. Just bought the cards for ever expansion and can’t wait to start playing them. Keep them coming and great job to the guys that came up with this for cellphones!!

Fun fun fun!

If you like apples to apples the card game- that is like a step up (Adult) version! Super fun! I love it! Very addicting!!!!

Love it!

I enjoy this game! Great stress relief


So much fun!!

Pretty great with friends.

Earning cake is fairly easy for card packs so really don’t have to spend real money if you don’t want to so always a plus. Better if you get your own group of friends otherwise you end up with leavers nearly every game. But that’s not on the developers.


Love this game!! Thanks guys!!


This game is both fun and interesting! I find myself reading the sentences and each answer out loud and all I can do is laugh!!!! Amazing game!!!

Really fun

Way to kill time


Good game

Love it

Love the random stuff put together too!

Evil Apples

I hate this game because ppl get in the game and on the first or second round they quit. Or if they aren’t winning they quit. If the game is going along great it freezes in the fourth or fifth round. I never get a complete game in.

Best game ever

Omg this game is so amazing!! Thank you!

Many Laughs

Hours of laughs .

Major Glitch

It was fun when I could play. Now I can’t drag my card to the top. Fix it.


Love it.

Fun Game

I like the fact that you can get free cake every 3 hours. If you get some friends to play with ya it’s just 10times the fun. To the creators- y’all should add an anime deck it would be very interesting to see all the pictures/ words that would be on them; just a suggestion that’s all


Good stuff

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