Evil Apples: Dirty as ____. Відгуки

I love this app

Hello I love this app. I have one request/recommendation: while one is the judge and waiting for cards from the other players, could there be access to one’s cards just to be able to study them? Sometimes I have a hard time reading all of my cards and choosing them in the time allotted. Anyway. Cool and fun. I got all the packs.

Good but I had glitch issues

Pretty good game, I love Apples to Apples so this is right up my alley. BUT I’ve had this glitch twice now where I’ve WON with a card that isn’t mine or ANOTHER player won with MY card. I hope this gets fixed because I don’t know what’s more annoying, someone else winning with MY card in this game or being disconnected from the Town of Salem app once every other game...

Evil apples

I love this game I just wish there was a way to discard the question card at least once. Super addicting and fun my whole family plays. Thanks guys

Fun game

Very addictive!


I love this game so much! It’s so much fun to play with friends and get a giggle in the middle of a tough day! Definitely download it!!!

Definitely Not Your Dad’s Card Game!

A little naughty, A little raunchy, A whole lot of Fun! I was laughing so hard at my own answers I was actually snorting! I like the idea that we all get to take turns being the judge. The fact that you have no idea who played what card truly makes judging fair and keeps it honest. On my first hand I was playing against seasoned players and I won! The game can get competitive and you want to feel that rush when your answer/card wins! Great party game for adults! Throw in some food, wine or spirits and you’ve got a guaranteed conversation starter with this app. It’s funny, the answers are hilarious, gross, weird, or raunchy as hell. Think of Spencer’s adult novelty store in card form, with the cards being written by Howard Stern, Dean Koontz, and The Kinseys.




great game

Locked Players?

I was in a game recently with a player by the name of Adolph Hitler. I blocked him. So the next round showed his card as “Blocked Player”, which made sense. But that only happened once. I guess if I were the judge it would make sense for me not to know so as to be fair. But if he’s going to be blocked wouldn’t it make sense to be blocked all the time? At least if I’m not the judge? And really, I just didn’t want to see his posts. Didn’t really care about the cards he played.

Evil Apples

This game is bitchin. I luv it.

So much fun!!

I play with my friends when we hang out, but since I don’t see them often, playing with strangers is just as fun!

Really fun


Evil Apples

Love this game!

Fun but you pay to play

You get just a few free games but after using them you can’t play anymore unless you pay.

Kinda like this—a lot

Raunchy, but fun.

Why it’s bad

This game is bad because you have people who have lots of the packs when you can only afford one pack to get then it’s impossible to win and make money to buy more packs it should sort you with same level players like you

Really great but there are problems

Love to play in my free time, but when use a wildcard and the judge is snoozed, you have that card in your deck for the next round, it doesn’t make sense and I want my 7 coins back if I can’t use it

I like this



Lots of bugs in the game. Several people in the game are disconnected and makes the game less fun. It also doesn’t let you use existing photos you have to use the camera for character.


‘lovely review’

Easy to play, great fun!

CAH mobile, what’s not to like? Not giving it 5 stars because the UI is aggravating at times, the main menu options are big cards that get in the way. Tiny complaint though, this app is awesome.

No one like me

Pretty good and fun game


funny af

The best!

Love this app! My husband and I play every day and it is too much fun! I suggest to save as many cakes and coin as you can to get upgraded decks. This is what keeps the game going for us.

I’m a Christian but...

I love this game! It might go against some of my religion but it is hilarious. I even bought a few things to make this game grow. I told all my friends about it and they love it too. Great work and I love each deck but I wish it was easier to get coins but overall best game I played on a iPad

For those with true humor

Dark humor is humor This app is tons of fun. It’s for laughs so we can all live a little. Let’s not be kids after all this app is 17+ if you can’t stand some card placements then don’t play the game. It’s a game

Pretty cool game

Pretty cool

Hilarious and addicting

I play evil apples several hours a day, never a dull moment!

evil apples


Pretty good

69/10 would r8 again m8


Not as good but goodee than good


It’s wonderfully evil~

Fun game to play

I love playing Evil Apple it makes you think hard of what card to play 😊

Great game

Miner things here and there example the txt box is glitchy at times and doesn’t go away at times but other then that a great game waiting for new decks


But thoroughly enjoyable!!!

Evil apples

Love this game it’s so awesome!!


I love to play with others and see what they have

The app says an update is available, requires 8.0.... Actually requires 10?

I'm now in an endless loop. The app says an update is available, I download the update and can't use it. I have iOS 9. I guess that's it for Evil Apples. Bummer.

VeRy GoOd

It’s a very good game with funny cards

Its an amazing game.

I would highly recommend it if you want to have a good laugh and a fun time. It’s better with friends but fine even if you don’t have any that play.

Good, but..

Great game, sometimes players pick answers that don’t make sense for the question. Also, I wish there were a way for my fiancé and I to play together against strangers, we both want to play in the same game while I’m at work but we don’t have friends and have to play separately, so it isn’t as big of a hit as it could be. I would recommend adding that, even making it cost more cake to join would be a good trade off for the feature.

Love it!

When we can’t travel to my daughter’s house for game night, we can still get together and play Evil Apples from afar. Keeps us laughing all night!


I’ve been playing Evil Apples for 5 years & I LOVE it.

So much fun

Just like the card game


Game would be more fun if people actually picked good cards to win. It seems like lately players are picking the worst cards to win which makes the game not fun at all and a waste of time.

Lots of fun.

Great to play in a group. Often play on road trips. The cards are awesome.

Fun, but has some flaws

This game is extremely entertaining. If you’re looking for a game on the iPhone that’s pretty much cards against humanity, than you’re looking at the right one. Although the game can be fun it unfortunately isn’t uncommon for people to leave a game until it’s impossible to finish because there aren’t enough players, but thankfully when that happens your cake gets refunded. I have had an overall great experience with this game however, and will suggest it to as many friends I can.

Way way way to many ads

Great game but WAY WAY WAY to many ads

Fun as hell to play

Cards against humanity but mobile. 👍🏽

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